The McKinney-Vento Act (1987) allows students determined to be homeless options as to where they attend school.  The Law also provides other supports like free lunch, school supplies, and personal items if needed.

All staff has been trained to look for issues around where the student is living and with whom they are living.  This includes bus drivers, classroom assistants, custodians, secretaries, and teachers.

Parents, guardians, and residents are welcome to contact the Homeless Coordinator to ask questions, or for more information.

Homeless Coordinator:
Rudy Reif rreif@ucfsd.net
(610) 347-1600 ex. 3007

Link to the district policy 251 on Homelessness

Link to Pennsylvannia Department of Education Basic Education Circular on Education Homeless Youth

Link to US Department of Education Laws and Guidance on Homeless Education

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